Graduate Student Researcher

PhD student @ TAMU,

Double Masters (ECE/ Informatics) with successful thesis defense in Dec 2020 @ Northeastern U.

Kathan Vyas

Kathan Vyas, Is a current Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Texas A&M University (started Sep 2021). He performs his research under Dr. Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna within the Perception, Sensing, and Instrumentation Lab (PSI). He formerly completed his graduate Masters’ thesis under Dr. Sarah Ostadabbas working within the Augmented Cognition Lab at Northeastern University.

Kathan’s primary area of research is a cross-section of Machine learning – Deep learning and health care. He has previously worked within computer vision-based as well as clinical research-based projects across multiple companies like Philips, Biogen, and Behavior Imaging. His most recent work under his Ph.D. research is a prediction of hypoglycemic events within Type 1 diabetes patients.

Within his graduate journey, Kathan has focussed his research on implementing Machine Learning -Computer Vision Algorithms in health care. He has primarily authored three papers till now and those could be found here. He has done projects related to Computer Vision like Detection of Autistic Characteristics among kids analyzing pose over time, Detecting lung cancer from Ultrasonic Images, Detection of Infrared-Face detection for temperature measurement (For identification of COVID-19 patients), Detection of Face Mask (for Covid-19). His Machine Learning projects include Prediction of Pressure Ulcers among ICU patients, Detection of Anomalies in signals from various home-appliance meters for veteran safety, etc. He has also worked on solving the problem of 3D Registration from a minimum set of angles.

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Computer Vision

Health Informatics

Machine Learning


Current Association

Graduate Student Researcher
Pursuing Ph.D. in Computer Science under Dr. Ricardo Osuna
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas

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