Student Researcher , Double Masters (ECE/ Informatics) with successful thesis defense in Dec 2020

vyas (dot) k (at) northeastern (dot) edu

Kathan Vyas

Kathan is a research student and Northeastern University, Boston, MA with a research focus in Machine Learning and Computer Vision applications. He is currently doing his second Masters’ with Thesis in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Concentration in Machine Learning and Computer Vision Algorithms). He will defend his thesis in Dec 2020. He is currently part of the Augmented Cognition Lab at Northeastern University.

His first Masters’ was also from Northeastern U. in Informatics (Concentration in Data Analysis). His undergrad was from India (Gujarat Technological University, Gujarat). He did a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology Co-Founder of an award-winning startup (Pixel Perfection), Kathan has worked in management as well as technical roles.

Kathan has focussed his research in implementing Machine Learning -Computer Vision Algorithms in health care. He has done projects related to Computer Vision like Detection of Autistic Characteristics among kids analyzing pose over time, Detecting lung cancer from Ultrasonic Images, Detection of Infrared-Face detection for temperature measurement (For identification of COVID-19 patients), Detection of Face Mask (for Covid-19). His Machine Learning projects include Prediction of Pressure Ulcers among ICU patients, Detection of Anomalies in signals from various home-appliance meters for a veteran safety etc.

He is currently working on solving the problem of 3D Registration from a minimum set of angles. He is also currently interning at Philips as an AI researcher working on developing a Raspberry PI based IOT application for anomaly detection. He further plans to work under deep learning algorithms trying to find an optimal combination of algorithms that can better help in analyzing, detecting, or classifying images/videos and further use this knowledge to leverage its use in the field of biotechnology and medicine.

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Computer Vision

Health Informatics

Machine Learning


Current Association

Masters’ (Thesis) Student Researcher – Augmented Cognition Lab (Northeastern U)
(2018 – )
Being a part of AC Lab, I completed my second Masters’ with thesis under guidance of amazing Dr. Sarah Ostadabbas.

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